Test your imagination

Test your imagination
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Friday, February 6, 2009

My Writing Class

The best laid plans have some hiccups - as all best laid plans (and yet people still insist on calling it 'best laid plans'; Sidney Sheldon for instance!).

The two classes scheduled for this month are cancelled due to (err... you can call these excuses - but it is impossible to have a class when you have to sit for an exam!): exam Tue 10/2 and I am attending a seminar Tue 24/2.

I will be around same time same place Tue 10/3 and Tue 24/3 - what a coincident! The class is for you, the pleasure to contribute is mine........WELCOME!


::Amin Mansor:: said...

we might have class after the exam insyaallah. Wish luck to me and all of us. especially phy. pharm II =D

kausar said...

Sure! In all honesty, I do not know how much can be benefited from the 30 minutes. But I am applying Kaizen - small changes to be made consistently. Good luck to you and everybody else. In exam, you don't have to think on your feet. You sit for one hour! Enjoy!